MLI Select is an innovative new multi-unit mortgage loan insurance product focused on affordability, accessibility, and climate compatibility. Access reduced premiums and longer amortization periods based on your level of commitment to affordability, accessibility, and climate compatibility using MLI Select. MLI Select uses a point system to offer insurance incentives based on affordability, energy efficiency, […]

Hot Or Not

Mixed signals: Why it’s hard to tell if Canada’s real estate market is hot or not right now. Two realtors assess the state of some indicators of bull markets gone by, from bidding wars to home inspections.

Mortgage Helper Demand

‘Increasing demand’ for secondary units as homebuyers grapple with rate hikes. As Canadians grapple with interest rate hikes and high mortgage payments, there is a growing demand for houses with secondary units, like basement apartments and laneway homes, real estate experts say. Recent changes in zoning bylaws in cities across Ontario and Alberta have offered […]

Record Canadian Immigration

Statistics Canada says the country welcomed more than 145,000 immigrants during the first three months of the year. That’s the highest number for a single quarter on record since comparable data became available in 1972. The federal agency released its quarterly population estimates Wednesday, showing Canada continues to grow rapidly. The pace of population growth […]

The Smith Maneuver

Canadian homeowners do not enjoy the same mortgage interest deduction that their neighbours to the south do. Fortunately, the Smith Maneuver is a powerful financial method that gradually restructures the largest non-deductible debt of your lifetime (your mortgage) into a deductible investment loan.